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Alabaster is the first character of the mod. He is usually depicted as a shiny ghost with big protruding horns with pitch black tears.

He will be added in the First Fable.

Alabaster starts with 2 black hearts and Blood Drive Blood Drive.



Item Interactions

BirthrightBirthright: Alabaster Alabaster now gets small random stat ups similar to Candy Heart when consuming hearts with Blood Drive Blood Drive.

Favorable items

Unfavorable items




  • His horns aren't symmetrical.
  • Alabaster is a type of rock used in middle East, specifically Calcite.
    • In the Bible Alabaster is mentioned multiple times, prominently as the Alabaster box or vase that carried ointments for Christ in Simon's house and Christ's grave.
      • Alabaster (the character) has nothing to do with the stone Alabaster, Paltham just though it was a cool name.
  • Alabaster was created by Paltham, one of the developers of the mod.
  • Alabaster has been thru 5 redesigns and 2 of them being major redesigns.
  • Alabaster's unlocks went thru a lot of revisions of multiple of reasons.
    • The common reason being that it was not possible to do it with the current API.
    • And the other common reason is that it was just references behind references.
  • In the previous trivia this part will be documenting the name changes of the unlocks.
    • Satans unlock used to be named Marksman.
    • Lambs unlock used to be named Mysterious Symbol.
    • Ultra Greeds unlock used to be named Gravel Wrench.
    • Hush unlock used to be named Spectral Meat Hook.
    • Deliriums used to unlock an item called Weathered Mask.
    • Mothers unlock used to be named Bird Pheromones.
    • Beasts unlock used to be named Godtuner.


Alabaster Unlocks Alabaster Unlocks Alabaster Unlocks
Alabaster's BloodRebellionDevil's HandBlood DriveSoul LinkMiniature DartsUnholy InsuranceTech SquaredPoikilocytosisSoul BOGOGhost ShotHaemowingsBlood ImbremTainted Alabaster