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The table below is a re-creation of what each page looks like when the mod is installed and all 77 obtainable items have been acquired.

This assumes there aren't extra content mods present.


(Click images to open the corresponding item page)

Page 6
Blood Drive Russian Roulette Stone D6
Page 7
Bomb Converter F Key Chaotic D6 Bucket Of Meat Necropotence TV D50 Small Dog Kebab Pet Rock Rebellion Optimist Pessimist Realist Ghost Shot Fat Fetus Holidays Orange Alabaster's Blood Solar System Junk Food
Uranus? Mercurius? Pluto? Saturnus? Neptunus? Jupiter? Luna? Terra? Venus? Mars? Sol? Ripped Valentine The Evil In The Good The Good In The Evil Dilemma Dealers Recursion Eyespot Olive Branch Honey Curds
School Snack Bulimia Chopped Liver Anathema Piping Bombs Air Conditioner Energy Drink Taco Night Gumball Miniature Darts Heresy Lil Anima ??? Soul BOGO Unholy Insurance Blood Imbrem Curse Of The Chariot Tech Squared Haemowings Better Options?
??? Blue Heart Necrosis Poikilocytosis Lil Urna


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