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Gapers are monsters that try to directly walk towards Isaac and path around obstacles and enemies. While simple in behavior, they have a lot of variants with their own quirks.


Pebbles actively chase Isaac at high speeds. Every few seconds, they will stop chasing Isaac to take a quick breather. While they do not take damage, they block Isaac's shots and pushes him around, making it harder to kill other enemies. They are invincible and only die if the room is cleared.


Cannibals behave like normal Gapers although their movement varies based on their appearance.

Subtypes Name Image ID Description
0 John
10.2520.0 Behaves exactly like a normal Gaper.
1 Brutis
Cannibal (Brutis).png
10.2520.1 Chases Isaac at a slightly slower speed compared to a normal Gaper.
2 Fatso
Cannibal (Fatso).png
10.2520.2 Chases Isaac slowly. They have more health points and less knockback.
3 Egor
Cannibal (Egor).png
10.2520.3 Chases Isaac at a quick speed.