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This list will be completed along with the mod development as most of them are yet to be revealed and are subject to change.
This page is about Items added by Forgotten Fables. More information about Items in general can be found in the vanilla page. This page will be filled when more public information is available.

Active Items

Name Icon Quote Description Quality
Blood Drive Blood Drive Blood Collector Consumes all Red Hearts in the room and stores it as a charge. If used in an Angel, Devil, or Sacrifice room, Blood Drive discharges itself and spawns a reward for each charge. 3
Russian Roulette Russian Roulette Dare you test your luck? Has a 83% chance to kill all enemies in the room and deal 150 damage to all bosses. Otherwise it deals two full hearts of damage to Isaac. 2
D50 D60 Reroll bosses Re-rolls all bosses in the room except for story bosses. 1
Stone D6 Stone D6 Roll over Re-rolls all items in the room by inverting their internal ID number. 2
Bomb Converter Bomb Converter Merge! Converts 5 Bombs into a Giga Bomb. 2
Bucket of Meat Bucket of Meat Blood shaper Creates a Clot familiar for each heart in the room. 3
TV TV Strange CRT Shoots a burst of Dogma Feathers towards where Isaac is aiming, damaging enemies hit by it. 2

Passive Items

Name Icon Quote Effect Quality
Ghost Shot Ghost Shot Spectral Buddies TBA TBA
Fat Fetus Fat Fetus Use with Caution Tears are replaced by Giga Bombs which synergizes with other bomb related items. 4
Holidays Orange Holidays Orange HP up + You feel merry Isaac gets a heart container. Future shop items has a high chance to be replaced with Mystery Gift. 2
Blue Heart Blue Heart Soul Coating TBA TBA
Necrosis Necrosis Sometimes, death comes from the dead When Isaac clears a room, he spawns 3 blue flies. He has a rare chance to shoot out a dark green tear. If it hits an enemy, they get this unique status condition called necrosis. 3
Solar System Solar System You're a star! Grants Isaac numerous planet related familiars. Has a unique effect when each familiar hits an enemy. 3
Sol? Reverse Sol Sacrifices must be made Sacrifice Rooms are replaced with a new special room. The spikes in the middle are replaced with a black flame. 2
Luna? Reverse Luna Hidden gifts Spawns a trapdoor in the Secret Room. When you enter the trapdoor its a Crawl Space which leads to I AM ERROR. 3
Mercurius? Reverse Mercurius You feel obsessive TBA TBA
Venus? Reverse Venus You are ugly Enemies near Isaac become Marked. 2
Terra? Reverse Terra Raise the ground! Isaac now Gains thorn tears. When these tears hit an enemy there is a % chance that vines will sprout out of the ground. 3
Mars? Reverse Mars Walk right past them You get 2 familiars that orbit Isaac. If these familiars come into contact with an enemy they break and both disappear, depending on which familiar broke first a special effect will occur. 3
Jupiter? Reverse Jupiter Wait for it! As Isaac stands still he will get numerous buffs depending on how long he stands. TBA
Saturnus? Reverse Saturnus Ring tears! Isaac's tears has a chance to spawn an additional three tears upon collision. These tears orbit around the collision point. 3
Uranus? Reverse Uranus Snowgrave Isaac shoots fire tears, which char monsters they kill. Charred enemies be pushed away and explode into fire when it comes into contact with something. 3
Neptunus? Reverse Neptunus The floodgates are.. Closed When entering a room Isaac gets a tears up. However the tears bonus decreases rapidly. As it decreases, Isaac's damage increases. Resets when entering a new room. 3
Pluto? Reverse Pluto Downsized! Half of the enemies in the room are shrunk upon entering. 2
Ripped Valentine Ripped Valentine She loves me, not On pickup it gives a broken heart. A flower will sprout in each room, if Isaac walks over this flower he either gains a temporary damage buff or a tears buff. 2
The Evil In The Good The Evil In The Good Balance A random pedestal in angel rooms are replaced with an item in the devil room pool. 3
The Good In The Evil The Good In The Evil ecnalaB A random devil deal item is replaced with an angel item. It is not free. 3
Dilemma Dealers Dilemma Dealers Will you fight? At the start of each floor, an angel and devil familiar spawn. If Isaac touches one of them, it spawns an angel boss. Upon killing the boss it drops a devil room item or an angel room item depending on which familiar was touched. 3
Rebellion Rebellion Replace me TBA 3
Curse Of The Chariot Curse Of The Chariot Embrace solidarity Per room, enemies killed give a tears up and speed down, until a certain point when Chariot? activates. After the card effect fades, your stats go back to normal. 4
Lil Anima Lil Anima Chained soul Isaac gets a Lil Anima familiar. She occasionally activates the Anima Sola effect. 1
Blood Imbrem Blood Imbrem Seek the light Hitting an enemy summons a cloud above their head that rains damage. The cloud may stack on one enemy a max of 3 times, with slightly increasing damage. 3
Pet Rock Pet Rock I'll call him Crinfarr Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac around and blocks enemy projectiles. Every rooms cleared it turns a random rock into a tinted rocks. This only works if a non tinted rock is in the room. 2
Lil Urna Lil Urna ??? A mini flamethrower similar to Urn of Souls 4
Poikilocytosis Poikilocytosis My insides hurt Gives you 3 new tear types. Depending on their looks they do different stuff. 4