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This page is about monsters added by Forgotten Fables. More information about enemies in general can be found in the vanilla page. This page will be filled when more public information is available.

Monsters are enemies found in most rooms, and are sometimes spawned by bosses as backup or even by other monsters.

Monsters List

Entity Description
Acts as a faster version of Stoney, although they pause in exhaustion much more frequently.
Goony (horizontal).png
Walks in a single direction trying to line up with Isaac while frequently firing short range tears in one direction.
Host Hopper.png
Slowly hops around the room. If Isaac gets too close, they shoot out three projectiles that spread towards him.
They are invulnerable to all forms of damage while not shooting.
Slowly moves around the room while leaving a trail of black creep. They occasionally stop moving and hop, causing 50 - 60 tar projectiles to be shot into the air with each projectile leaving black creep. Spawns two Slogs upon death.
Emerges from a random pit and spawns a ring of 8 tears around it. After a brief moment the tears propel outwards and it quickly submerges itself. They emerge from a new pit shortly after to repeat the process.
Constantly shoots tears into the air at a random angle and velocity while remaining stationary.
Behaves like a Clotty. They occasionally throw a boomerang projectile towards Isaac which travels back to it after a brief moment.
Emerges from the water if Isaac gets too close to them and begins to chase him. If it continues to chase Isaac for a few seconds, makes contact with him, or takes enough damage, it will explode into a ring of eight corn projectiles and spawn a poison fart cloud.
Behaves like Gapers. Their movement and health slightly varies depending on their appearance.