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The music in Forgotten Fables was created by MischievousSV and Tami. These soundtracks can be found on Soundcloud and in the future YouTube.

Instead of replacing the OST a separate mod will be added in launch lets you replace the in-game OST with the new one.


Title Plays where? Internal filename Made By Who?
Famelicus (Slaughterhouse) Slaughterhouse TBA MischievousSV
A Casket's Call (Ossuary) Ossuary TBA MischievousSV
A Casket's Call (Ossuary) [Combat Layer] Ossuary TBA MischievousSV & Tami
Receptáculo (Urna) Urna Boss Fight TBA Tami
The Enforcer (Barbatos) Barbatos Boss Fight TBA Tami
Eternal Economics (Spirit Shop) Spirit Shop TBA MischievousSV
A Gambler's Call (Ossuary Arcade) Ossuary Arcade TBA MischievousSV
Black Magic (Black Market) Black Market TBA Tami

Replacement OST

Title Plays where? Internal filename Made By Who?
Qualm (Title) Title title screen MischievousSV
Hysteria (Alt Title) Tainted character select genesis retake twisted loop MischievousSV
Chicken Nuggies (Arcade) Arcade retro beats 8-6-14 MischievousSV
Insanity Approacheth (Boss Rush) Boss Rush ambush Tami
Hope Deprivation (Credits) Credits jesus loves uke MischievousSV


  • The reason Urna and Barbatos has their own boss music is there was a mix up on who was going to be the area boss.
    • And because of this mix up no normal Ossuary boss music has been made.
  • Normally Black Markets don't have music but Tami decided to make one for it.
  • Chicken nugget has sampled music made by Aruinko.
  • That the only reason that the arcade theme is named Chicken Nuggies is because of a comment made by Rumpiel