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Ossuary is an environment added in the 3rd Fable. The theme of Ossuary is wax, ghosts, and skulls.

The method of accessing Ossuary is currently unknown as it has been moved to be the mods 3rd floor.

Unique Elements

Would wax dripping from the sky count and effects related to that?


Entity ID Description
??? Questionmark.png
??? Questionmark.png
??? Questionmark.png


Barbatos bp.png
Urna bp.png
Questionmark.png Questionmark.png Wickolish bp.png
Barbatos Urna Lash Cantela Wickolish


  • An ossuary is a box or structure designed to hold skeletal remains, the most well known using human bones as furniture like chandeliers or filling the walls.
  • Originally Ossuary was going to be added on the first fable, but due to difficulties on theming the floor, it's content was moved to the third fable instead.