Pipe Fiend

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Pipe Fiends are hostile pipes that are found throughout Downpour and Dross.

Pipe Fiend

Pipe Fiends periodically submerges into a pit and emerge from a different one. When they emerge from a pit, it spawns a ring of 8 tears. These tears initially float idly around the Pipe Fiend. After two seconds, the Pipe Fiend shoots the tears outwards and quickly submerges back into the pit.

Broken Pipe Fiend

Broken Pipe Fiends remain stationary in a pit and rapidly shoot tears into the air at a random angle and velocity.


  • Pipe Fiends were originally going to appear in a different mod known as The Binding of Isaac: Ascension. However, this mod was cancelled and the developers decided to integrate it into Forgotten Fables instead.
  • Broken Pipe Fiends are going to be redesigned to look consistent with Pipe Fiends.
  • Pipe Fiends were originally known as Faucet Fiends. However, the name was changed since the sprite ended up looking like a pipe and not a faucet.