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Trinkets are a kind of collectible with their designated slot that provide passive bonuses. Only one trinket can be carried at a time and must be dropped if you wish to carry another. This page is about Trinkets added by Forgotten Fables. More information about Trinkets in general can be found in the vanilla page. This page will be filled when more public information is available.

All Trinkets

Name Icon Quote Effect
Angry Penny Angry Penny Wealth of Rage Isaac gets a fading damage up when picking up a penny.
Angelic Bell Angelic Bell It rings faintly Has a 20% chance to spawn five light beams in a plus pattern upon taking damage.
Bloody Antler Bloody Antler Why is it bloody TBA
Dead Heart Dead Heart Looks Dead.. Prevents health up items from spawning.
Dead Penny Dead Penny Wealth of the Fallen Has a chance to spawn a Bone Orbital when picking up a coin.
Devil's Hand Devil's Hand Cheating with extra steps When Isaac enters a new floor, a locked red chest spawns with a unique reward pool.
Dim Candle Dim Candle Dwindling Flame... Destroying a fireplace will give Isaac a damage boost which decreases over time.
Dog Tag Dog Tag Wheres the dog? 20% chance for a dog to be on the floor in a room. Walking over him lets Isaac throw him, same as the Dead Dog
Gag Flower Gag Flower Pranked Upon using an active item, the next tear Isaac shoots will be accompanied with a burst of tears.
The damage of these tears scale with the item's charges.
Glitched Penny Glitched Penny Error; trinket_glitchedpenny Description reportNull;Exception Has a chance to activate a random penny trinket effect when picking up a coin.
Pyromancer's Mask Pyromancer's Mask One with the flames Isaac can destroy blue and purple flames with tears.
Reanimation Reanimation Bring 'em back stronger TBA
Ripped Map Ripped Map I can barely make it out TBA
Soul Link Soul Link Voodoo Whenever an enemy takes damage, 1-2 other enemies of the same type also take damage.
Service Medal Service Medal A hard fight Champions have a higher chance for drops, including a chance in greedier mode.
Stuffed Sheep Stuffed Sheep Give it another chance... If Isaac takes fatal damage, he is healed one heart and the enemy is pushed far back. The trinket is then destroyed.
Tip Jar Tip Jar Care to tip? A random beggar spawns in the shop.
Wisp Penny Wisp Penny Wealth of Souls Has a chance to spawn a Book of Virtues wisp when picking up a coin
Zebra Pants Zebra Pants All black 'n white Picking up an eternal heart has a 25% chance to give a black heart, and visa versa.