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  • Urna originally had several names while in development.
    • These names include Ashcat, Bartholomew, Cremewtation, and Ashley.
  • It is heavily implied that Urna is supposed to represent a cremated Guppy.
  • Urna was originally supposed to be a lot larger during her second phase.
  • The skull on Urna's urn has heavy similarities to Trench.
  • Urna was designed and animated by Cometz and Firework.
  • There were plans that using Sharp Straw on Urna would activate the Wavy cap effect once.
    • Urna's interaction with Sharp Straw is a reference to cases of thieves confusing ashes with hallucinogens.'
  • Urna was the first boss to ever be both fully programmed and sprited. However, that iteration of the boss was canned.